May 1, 2013

Garlic Bread in The Freezer?!?!?!

We have this one story from when I was 9 + months pregnant with Gwen. It’s a story I’m sure most pregnant women can relate to, and encapsulates everything about how unlike yourself you can be while pregnant.

We were up in Lake Tahoe in our in-laws cabin and we were put in charge of food for the weekend. We planned out meals, did the shopping and were ready to feed the masses. It was spaghetti night this particular evening with garlic bread on the menu. Dinner was progressing and it was time to find the garlic bread and that was when I realized someone had put the garlic bread in the freezer.


I freaked out. I yelled, I cried and I ran upstairs and cried alone in a bedroom for a good 5 minutes. Seriously. Jake eventually came to check on me and let me know the garlic bread was just fine, the poor guy. 

As I progress further along with baby #2 I am finding more and more situations are arising that are similar to the garlic bread one. Like this morning when I just about lost my mind over not being able to find Gwen a sweater. Rage and anger bubbled out of me like a crazy lunatic as we tried to get ourselves out the door. All over a sweater. Which after freaking out, dropping an f bomb and maybe drooling a little, I found.

I so wish I could be a graceful, delightful pregnant woman. Does that even exist?

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