May 3, 2013

Life Lately

So this is our life as of late. We get to do our dishes in the bathroom because we still have a ripped up kitchen. No sink, no dishwasher. Just, a hole in the floor, which oddly enough is the air conditioning vent and not the drain. I'm not sure where the drain is.
The linen closet in the bathroom makes a splendid drying rack. Don't ask me where all the linens are. Dirty I suppose.

We managed to put our washer and dryer back in the house and have been living somewhat civilly for the past few weeks. To be honest, it got us out of our dinner rut we've been stuck in for years. We buy pre-marinated things and barbecue them. Last week we ventured forth and bought the big bag of frozen brown rice and quinoa from Costco. It's delicious and I've eaten it everyday since we opened the bag. We use our trusty steamer to steam up vegetables and on occasion we boil pasta on a hot plate my girlfriend lent us. So I mean, it's not that bad. 

And yes, we've bought plastic utensils, plates and bowls. We have disposable cups but they're too small for our hydration needs. And you can't trust a disposable sippy cup. Does that even exist? These are the dishes that crop up with us mainly using disposable dishes. 

We're just waiting on insurance. Waiting, waiting and waiting. We have our new kitchen all picked out with a contractor raring to go. Just need to get that approval from insurance so then we can wait a month for our cabinets to get ordered. In the meantime I'm going to try my hardest to not freak out. Because being 7 months pregnant with your kitchen packed into the room you're going to switch your toddler into in preparation for the new baby and not having a kitchen or any idea when things will go back to normal can stress a woman out. 

Until then, we will use our bathroom to its fullest extent and try not to worry about such things. 

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