June 12, 2013

Goodbye Yellow Paint

Today is a very much anticipated day. It is the day when the painters are coming to paint our sponge painted, bright yellow kitchen that we hate and never imagined we'd be able to change. Of course, after they removed the cabinets we realized how easy it would've been to just have painted it ourselves but when all the cabinets were on the wall it seemed impossible that we'd ever mange to paint over that yellow without getting paint on cabinets and crown molding.

You see, we're not exactly DIY-ers and the only room we've painted and made our own in our entire home is Gwen's nursery. That took months and required many family member's help to accomplish. 

While we've dreamed up many ways we'd like to change our home to reflect our taste and not the previous owners, we've had to be creative and thoughtful in our approach. This really means we've had to be cheap and frugal about it and has resulted in many spray painted items, homemade curtains, hand-me-downs and  re-purposed items that have followed us from our first apartment, if not college. And nothing has really changed in our house. The living room walls are still a blank slate, the bedroom is still an awful green and the kitchen an awful yellow, until today.

So this kitchen upgrade, as hellish as it has been, is a blessing in many soon-to-be obvious ways. It is a step in the direction of making our home ours and finally reflecting our style and taste.

I can't wait to get home after work to see the transformation. God, please let it be the right color. I can't tell you how anxious I am that we will have picked the wrong color. The selection process was surprisingly easy, with minimal arguments and the paint samples on the walls look great. But I'm still super nervous that we'll finally have a professionally painted room in our home that I won't like. Oh wouldn't that be the worst? 

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