June 14, 2013

Summer/Pre-Baby Bucket List

After Friday next week I won't be working any longer which means Gwen and I will have an entire month of just her and I time before her baby sister's arrival. I've been pretty concerned about this, as last time I stayed home with her I became a hermit and we stayed in our pajamas all day wasting our days away through cups of tea, episodes of Friends and whatever it is one does with a 1 year old.

To avoid this happening again I have devised a plan and made ourselves our own little bucket list for our "summer" along with plans to take a shower and get dressed before she wakes up. These things will hopefully keep us busy, but not too busy, if you know what I mean. We do still have a big girl room to prepare, a house to clean and a baby to nest for so we can't get too crazy flitting around town in our swimsuits (which I don't have but I'm dying to go swimming with Gwen this summer, 9 months pregnant or not).

Go to Lazy 5 water park

Spanish Springs toddler story time

Go to the Discovery museum after 4pm on a Wednesday (admission is half off)

Go swimming at Deer Park at 1700 Prater Way on Friday from 12pm to 4:30 pm (it's only $1)

Hang out at the fountains around town (Legends, the Sparks movie theater)

Mail a letter to someone special

Make 4th of July t-shirts

Fly a kite

Run in the sprinklers

Make homemade bubbles

Play Frisbee

Go on a picnic in a shaded park

Try to make sugar cookies with royal icing

Go thrift store hunting for a dresser

What's on your list this summer? 

PS, I got some helpful information thanks to this blog post on the Reno Moms Blog today

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