August 2, 2013

Coming Home

One of the things that sucks about having a c-section is the extended stay you have to have at the hospital. Oh how I would love to pop that baby out and be back at home comfy on my couch the next day. 

But then again, there aren't nurses administering pain meds and gas relief throughout the day at my house, so, I mean, there's benefits to both, eh? 

Before we had Norah we were sure to ask my doctor when the soonest is we could come home. And so two days later we were sure to ask to be discharged as soon as those doctors walked in the door. Lucky for us we were all healthy and got the OK. 
△▽△ Of course her coming home outfit was polka dot, would you expect anything else? Also, this is the only time she's had a headband on her little head which is really surprising to myself, the woman who gets in fights with her two-year-old over her wearing a clip in her hair. △▽△

 Welcome Home, baby girl.