September 23, 2013

Care to Hang Out?

I need to meet fellow like-minded women  who 
1.) are at home with their kids during the week
2.) want to hangout with me (and other moms) and do fun stuff. 

Currently I am trying not  to be that desperate   creeper at the park, even though everytime I meet someone with a kid remotely close to my girls' ages I want to say, "I'm Lauren Sunderland, here's my phone number & email address. Let's hang out! Do you want to stop by for tea (mimosa, beer, whatever) in the middle of the week and chat while the kids play? We can boo eachother during Halloween, have a cookie exchange for Christmas and do all sorts of cool stuff. We have lots of toys at our house and love playing at parks all over town. I have a ton of crafts and recipes pinned on pinterest I've been meaning to try and I think we could be best friends. Text me! Or you can find me on FB. BE MY FRIEND! I'm a good one! Just ask my current ones, who happen to not have children and have jobs so they can't hang out with me during the week."
For some reason I can never muster the courage to blurt all this out to a woman I just exchanged the obligatory "how old is your son/daughter?" park conversation. Why do those never seem to progress past that stage? 

"2 and a half."
"And how old is yours?"
Both stare at children playing on slides for the next 20 minutes with the main interaction being led by whatever conversation you exchange with your kids. Then I leave and go home thinking, damn, we could be friends, I liked her and her kids. But you have no idea who they were and will never see them again because what's the chance they'll be at that one park the same time as you ever again. 


So....wanna hang out? 

Shoot me a message on FB, email me at

[please don't tell me to join a meetup group or a church group. I know about every single one in town. Been there done that]

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