November 1, 2009

Happy November!

How was your Halloween? Facebook was full of pics of all the family in their costumes, all my nephews and cousins looked adorable. Sir Sunderland and I went to a party on Friday as "that guy and girl." You know, the scantily clad girl that drinks entirely too much at the party and the guy with aviators who's one big douche? Yup, that was us. Sadly we have no pictures of us from that night, but we had a blast. I used to hate Halloween with a passion until a few years ago. Now I love it and can't wait to get dressed up and see what everyone else puts together.Now, onto some sewing business. How in the hell does fusible interfacing work? Good god, I don't know if it's because I don't have an ironing board with a cover (traumatic bunny incident) or that the cloth I'm using isn't a "press cloth" (what is that anyways?) or maybe my iron's not hot enough. I don't get it!!!! I will try again tomorrow, on a real ironing board instead of my kitchen table. If that fails, I will then call my sister who will probably have an answer waiting for me, just like the cupcakes.

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