December 1, 2009

Just Plain Rude

Today, while leaving work a guy I work with informed me that I
"have no life."
Yes, this is what he said to me. I believe it stemmed from me needing to leave work immediately. Now, this guy and I have a history of hating each other. He is disrespectful and just plain rude, but this? This tops the charts and I am still grappling at what kind of horrible human being thinks it's okay to say such a thing to anyone. When myself and a fellow coworker looked at him, astonished, he continued.

I have no life, all I have is my husband and my dog. My response was that I have a virtuous life full of family and love (trying to be silly, thinking he MUST be joking). No my friends, he was not. He continued! I then maturely called him a butthole and walked away. I then let the other girl know what he just said. She looked confused, until he came out, repeating himself, letting her know why he thinks I have no life as I walked out the door, upset.

He probably has no idea how rude he was or how he affected my day, as this has happened in the past. The thing is, I do not care about this person in particular. I do not care about his opinion of me. I do care, however when someone, anyone disrespects, belittles or harasses me. Actions will be taken as I do work at Starbucks and one of their main values is to respect each other.

For the record, I do have a life : )


tori said...

oooo! I hope you do file a formal complaint. That guy obviously needs a lesson on being a human being!!! I'm sorry but, what a loser!

Margaret said...

I believe you have a life:)

That was rude... Why did he feel like he needed to tell you that? Ridiculous. He obviously has no life at all.

~SHANNON~ said...

Sometimes it boggles the mind how people can be so rude. It can make you so mad, and then I usually have to talk myself down by feeling sorry for how little class some people have. Sorry that happened to you- what a jerk. Having just met you it is already plainly obvious to me that you have an awesome that guy is on crack:)

PS. The bacon grease/clean floor blog killed me!!

Many thanks for visiting me on my SITS day!


bodaat said...

he's a giant idiot. enough said.

Joanna said...

The fact that he followed you and repeated it again for all to hear? That's just wrong. Sort of goes beyond joking.

Stopping by from SITS. Hope you have a better day.