December 3, 2009

Update on Jerk

I would first and foremost like to thank everyone for the lovely comments you left about the jerk at work. At the risk of sounding petty, I left out the facts about this guy in my first post. But now? Let's indulge, shall we?
  • 24 year old.
  • 6th year in college, band major
  • In the marching band, dating a color guard girl
  • Lives at home with his parents
  • Goes to the movies alone (that's cool once in awhile, but he goes ALL THE TIME)
  • Asked me and a few customers to come cheer him on at a karaoke competition
So, to recap, a 24-year old man in his 6th year of college who still lives at home.

I told my boss about the situation and let her know that it is disrespectful and can not go unnoticed. Her response? Document it. Oh glee! I get to write a story about how a barista was rude to me, and have it written down on his write up 6 months later. Wait, what? How do I know this? Because it's already happened! Not his first time disrespecting/belittling me. But wait! It gets better!

When I brought in the girl who was there, for backup she says this:
"Yea, I told him that wasn't nice. She has a life it's just not like ours."

Oh my goodness people. I'm older, more mature, married, etc. If they had known me in my "glory days" they would be the ones I made fun of. Just goes to show what people think of me and my awesome mature life, which I happen to love.

Loving husband who I get to spend each and every day with? Check
Awesome supportive family? Check
Friends who care and love me? Check Check

It was never a question of if I have a life or not. It's a question of why people feel this is acceptable to even THINK, let alone say aloud. Gives me the heeby jeebies and makes my stomach curl. The only thing I can do is lead by example, and let my husband kick that guys a$$, like he wanted to the other night.

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