March 14, 2011

2 Months {Gwyneth}

Gwyneth you are 2 months old today!

It seems like just yesterday we were nervous about your weight and now look at you!
You are 23.5 inches long
You weigh exactly 10 lbs
You are already wearing size 3 month clothes and are going to grow out of the feet any day now.
You got your first series of shots today, 3 in total and you were such a big girl about it. You only cried a little and made the saddest frowny face when you were eating your bottle right after. But 5 minutes later it was as if nothing had ever happened.

Your sleeping pattern is all over the place. Some nights you  surprise us and sleep for 2-3 hours, other nights you wake up every hour. Lately you've been sleeping a lot, which must be because you're a growing girl.

We gave up nursing and now you eat out of your bottles. You take anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour to eat your entire bottle and typically want a little bit more a half hour later. We watch a lot of tv during these marathons!

You're slowly discovering your voice. Sometimes you shout and surprise yourself. Other times you  seem like you want to say something then let out a little whisper.

You love sleeping with us, especially on our chests. Whenever you're restless you love to snuggle up and fall asleep. It's adorable when you are asleep on your Dad's chest and both of you are snoring. You snore almost as loud as he does!

You can see things pretty far away now and  like to look around at everything.  You don't like being cradled unless you're being fed or sleepy, otherwise you want to be facing out so you can see.

You can hold your head up by yourself sometimes and are constantly surprising us with how strong you are.

Happy 2 month birthday little girl!

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