January 3, 2012

Our Little Lady's Turning One

A little girl in this house is getting ready to have her very first birthday party. When it came time to pick a theme I suddenly realized that this is my chance. Finally, I get to throw a birthday party with a theme. Oh joyous day!

Seeing as Gwyneth is just a baby and can't exactly disagree with what I choose, I took this as an opportunity to oppress her with polka dots. I landed on a ladybug theme because everyone knows red, white and black polka dots = ladybug.  I love me some polka dots. My kitchen is accented with red and white polka dots, had it not been for her father, her nursery would be polka dots and she can be found dressed in them almost daily.

But really, this is not the sole reason we arrived at the present birthday theme of ladybugs. There is actually meaning behind it.

You see, I am an anti-pet name type person, at least when it comes to my husband. There is no calling each other "babe," "shnookums" or "hunny" ever in this household. I've tried since everyone else seems to do it, but it just doesn't work out for us.

Then we got pets. Sophie became "Sophers", "Sophie-Ophie," I even went as far as calling her "boo" for years. The weirdest one was when we got our baby bunny, Arthur and his nickname became "Boogie." They make no sense, totally have nothing to do with the pet themselves, it's just whatever comes to me.

When Gwyneth was born Jake just sat back waiting for whatever wacky pet name I'd come up with for her.  After a few weeks it became evident that a particular name had settled. We both constantly referred to her as "the Bug" when she was this teen tiny little newborn. Looking back now, some might say it could've had something to do with those big buggy newborn eyes of hers, but I digress.

So really, a red and black polka dotted lady bug theme isn't completely selfishly motivated, ya know? That and I thought I came up with the world' most brilliant invitation header of "Our Little Lady's Turning One." Until I searched for ladybug invitations. But just so you know I came up with it all on my very own.

 I've been collecting ladybug things ever since I came up with the theme in September. I've charted out the decoration/layout of the party and my Mom has been my scout for all things ladybug. She even sent up a ladybug light. There's no explaining it, just know it's a larger than life ladybug that's lights up. It came with attachable curly antennas  And it's pretty, not creepy.

Down came the Christmas decorations and up comes the red, white and black ladybug party decorations (and ladybug light) and the slight panic that revolves around getting all of these grandiose projects done. Thank goodness there aren't any anxiety-inducing advent calendars for 1st birthdays, eh?

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