June 25, 2012

Be a Good Little Monkey

To say we're paranoid about the potential loss of the aforementioned monkey is an understatement. So when a few extra dollars came our way via Amazon the husband so selflessly came up with the idea to get a replacement monkey in the form of Curious George. Curious George is Gwyneth's all-time favorite cartoon and, well, the only cartoon I can stand to watch. So after looking at our different options we (meaning I) decided that the small one seemed too chinsey and we should up it to the next available model. 

Then it came and it is approximately the same size as Gywneth. And she loves the pants off of it. Not as much as monkey, per se, but he does take favor over most other stuffed animals and currently resides in her crib where you can find her wrestling with him and giggling while she's supposed to be sleeping.



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