June 12, 2012

Curly Hair?

Lots of people always ask where Gwen gets her curly hair from. I'm not going to lie that I am constantly surprised when I get this question. One, because I'm sitting in front of these people with what I think is curly hair. Or at least half curly, with some light frizz going on. This makes me ponder what people think is going on with my hair. If it's not curly to them, what is it? Scraggly? Frizzy? I mean, all of these describe curly hair to me.

ANYWAYS. I always tell people about my mom's insanely curly hair. As in you've never seen hair this curly before. As in, no, the woman does nothing to her hair and it's all ringlets. But not that kinky tight curly hair that you often see. It's this rare curly hair that only my mother possesses and nobody else.   My sister got it as well, except she got volume and frizz with hers. I got little tight short curls all around the base of my head and a wave to my hair. When I was a little girl I had a head full of curls.

Seeing Gwyneth's hair just brings me back to so many arguments about brushing my hair with my parents as a little girl. They'd always tell me to brush my hair and when I'd come out they'd say I didn't do it, seeing as it always looked like the same curly mess regardless of if I brushed it or not. This happens daily with Gwyneth's hair. It always looks like a curly bed head regardless of how I brush it.

Also it should be noted that Gwyneth's baby daddy has curly hair as well. It's just kept short and professional, unlike the glory days of the oh-so-sexy shag, circa 2002.

I think the better question we should all be confused about is the color of this child's hair? Strawberry blonde? Where'd that wild card come from?

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