July 11, 2012

What's Instagram & Why Should You Use It {Pt. 2 - The Non-Cynical View}

Jake's Grandma and her friend asked us what Instagram is and why they should use it. Naturally, my husband differed to me since I use it like a madwoman. I blurted out something about filters, sharing, and twitter.

Yesterday I explained, with my cynical voice on, what Instagram is and how you can use it to take pictures of yourself and inanimate things and make them look awesome. Today, I'm going to explain why I love it, because I do.

You see, I love blogging and social media because it gives you an excuse to share your photos. Otherwise there are hundreds of photos you have taken all on either your phone or your camera. Even if you upload them and organize them to your computer, then what happens to them? They sit in unmarked files that you probably won't look at until you have some project you need a picture for.

Blogging allows us to tell the story behind the photos. Most of my inspiration for blog posts come from when I upload photos onto my computer. Blogging helps me think of different ways to take photos and keeps me on top of making the effort to take them. Facebook gives you the opportunity to share photos with your friends, hear their sweet comments about how cute you and your family are and even provides a nice little catalog of your life that is nicely organized. Instagram is right there in between blogging and Facebook. It makes it easy to take a photo and share it and the filters they provide make any photo a great quality photograph. This is especially important to me because it seemed like last year if you didn't have a DSLR you were a nobody. Then came along Instagram, and most bloggers who have DSLRs mainly use their camera phones which is a huge relief for those of us who can't afford a DSLR.

Mainly, I love using Instagram because it makes me take photos of things I'd never think to, like my garden while I was out watering it one night.  

Now, I will admit that because of Instagram I have gone through my iphoto files only to delete about 50 completely pointless and meaningless photos that will really bare no service in providing a memory whatsoever.

I mean really, am I going to want to think back to the time I was in the park reading a library book? Not especially.

With that being said, however, because of it I have gems that I wouldn't trade for the world.

And for that, I am thankful that this little app on my iphone exists. Thank you Instagram!

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