August 21, 2012

So Long to Summer Shindig at Recycled Rugrats

In this town, when it comes to used children's clothing and toys it seems as it we have had one decision, which was Once Upon a Child. I'm going to come right out and say that I HATE that place. While we wound up shopping there out of desperation and did come out with a few great priced toys, it was pure hell to shop there. First of all, the entire store is anti-children. The employees stand around complaining about kids, the play area for kids is frightening and the store itself isn't big enough to wheel a stroller through. But when you're a parent who wants to get your child a toy that you can't afford to buy new, you must sacrifice your sanity, drive clear across town and torture yourself by giving these idiots your hard earned money.

Enter Recycled Rugrats, which is off of Los Altos behind Starbucks.

I've seen their name popup on Facebook a couple of times and have been meaning to swing by to see what they're all about, especially since they're right next to my house. When I went in I was charmed by the chalkboard signs, creative displays and the space! Oh the space, that would accomodate a sleeping newborn in their stroller {unlike, ahem, somewhere else, ahem}.

While shopping around, eyeballing the adorable dresses and shoes, I ran into an owner of the store who was not only sweet as pie, but offered me a drink. A drink! I don't know why this was such a shock, but it was, maybe because when was the last time you were offered a drink while shopping? Can you imagine a Walmart employee offering you something to drink? They'd probably be all confused and have no idea where to find a drink in the first place.

Anyways.  We got to talking and she explained that they're not only just this super awesome store, but they also do things for moms, you know like have Mother's Night Out events, craft events for the children or  feature a different local crafter/designer once a month.

These ladies have thought of it all and strolled into the community brandishing a beautifully executed, much-needed hub for our area's mothers.

So.....why not pop in this weekend and not only get to see what they're all about, but enjoy their So Long to Summer Shindig? It sounds like a hoot of a time and swag bags?!

You can visit their website for more information at

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