October 29, 2012

Carving Pumpkins (That We Grew)

I grew some pumpkins this year in my very first garden. Big enough to carve, even. There were only two out of these crazy huge vines that took over my entire garden and had tons of flowers. Seems as if those bees didn't pollenate very well.

So carve them we did. Well, my mom and I did while the husband did other things while scoffing about how much he's always disliked carving pumpkins. Gwen stayed at least 20 feet away with a look of horror and disgust. No matter how fun we made it look, she wouldn't come near those pumpkins. We baked our pumpkin seeds and I felt like they were fresher than the store bought pumpkins? And then we watched Hocus Pocus to complete our Halloween traditions.

Do you carve real pumpkins or go with the fake ones?


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