October 31, 2012

We're Trick or Treating UnSafely Tonight

20121030-153746.jpgHappy Halloween everyone!

Tonight we're going to bribe Gwyneth with 1,000 candies to get her to let us put on her cute monkey costume we've had for months. She's been crying and throwing little fits since September every time I've tried to put it on her so time will only tell. Grandparents, wait next to your phone for a flood of hopefully adorable monkey pictures.

If she does put it on we're purposely avoiding every "safe" trick or treat activity this city has to offer and going door to door down our cul-de-sac where Gwen is going to repeat "trick or treat" at least 20 times. We're not going to check her candy for razor blades or poison and we're going to email a picture of her eating it and not dying to the revolutionary blogger at Free-Range Kids here.

And then Gwen will go to bed and we will eat the remainder until we are ill because a 21 month old has no business eating all that delicious candy.

Hope you have a fun spooky night!


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