October 26, 2012

Happy Nevada Day Weekend

20121025-163432.jpgAs you read this we're up in Tahoe, possibly out bopping around Apple Hill enjoying our well planned out 3-day weekend. I even got my first pair of matching plaid flannel jammies for the occasion.

Here are a couple things I ran across on the interweb that I thought I'd share.

I think I'm obsessed with these cute little videos.

Such cute simple ideas for those of us who don't really enjoy dressing up for Halloween, like myself. My favorite is the stitches on the forehead.

Love these tips on how to get out of the house dressed like a human. Plan the night before? Why didn't I think of that? Oh, because I'm lazy.

Had to giggle at this little snail costume.

Had no idea who Gin Wigmore is but after seeing this video, I quickly added her to my pandora station.

PS- when you work at the capitol it makes for an abundance of Nevada themed photo opportunities.


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