October 4, 2012

Pretty Sunflower Patch

Our house's previous owners put a lot of love and work into it. This can be shown by the upgrades throughout our property, primarily the gorgeous white picket fence with brick posts. Inside our front yard there is a nice little brick planter in the middle of the lawn, meant for what we can only imagine was a tree. Orginally there was a tiny pear blossom tree poorly planted in it, which we ripped out. So up until last summer there was a naked planter sitting in our front lawn. This really isn't that big of a deal, seeing as our lawn, up until this year, was half-dead and outside of the fence was overtaken by weeds.

Jake came up with an inexpensive plan. Why not chuck some sunflower seeds in there?

And so, last year began our yearly tradition of the Sunderland family's sunflower patch.

Each year we manage to wait to plant them until mid-July so our sunflowers wind up blooming in October. Lucky for us the temperatures have been so warm.

Gwen got to partake in the planting this year and threw seeds in without abandon. You can tell some parts where the seeds were methodically put in, and others that are wild as if a little girl threw handfuls in at a time.

It's pretty awesome this year. There's one stalk that's got to be 11 feet but hasn't bloomed yet. And there was also this ginormous one that bloomed earlier. We cut off the head after it began to droop to harvest its seeds and there had to be at least a thousand seeds in it.

It's an inexpensive, fun addition to our landscaping that never fails to bring sunshine and happiness into our lives.



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