October 5, 2012

This Week


I got me some teal nail polish for my birthday. I feel hip and cool.


Awhile back we stopped buying the instant oatmeal packets. We figured we like to be in control of what we put in it like how much sugar, etc. But as I whipped up the day's oatmeals to take to work and looked at the disaster that is making oatmeal, I kinda wanted the packets.


This little one stayed home sick with her Mama on Tuesday. She and a few other kids at daycare picked up some bug that's left her nose running like a faucet. Poor thing.


So Gwyneth has been taking towels, wash cloths and blankets and holding them up to her chest. We thought she's been putting it on to be like a dress or clothes. Until last week when we noticed she's been trying to fold these things.

When I fold towels and blankets, I hold them under my chin to fold in half. Someone who happens to watch and absorb my every move has taken notice.

To make sure, I went through the process of folding. Out of four steps, the holding under the chin is only one step of the process. Just goes to show how much she's paying attention to me. Yikes!

20121003-131111.jpgAnd becasue it's too ridiculous. For the record she's making fart sounds.

And that curly hair? She won't wear anything in it and freaks out when I try to put it in a ponytail or pigtail. So a fro she has, despite my best efforts. I called our curly headed guru for any tips or tricks for dealing with such crazy hair, my mom. Her tips?

"Don't ever try to comb it dry. Grandma used to rip hair brushes through my dry curly hair all the time and it hurt."

Which explains why I don't recall any traumatizing hair brushing as a curly headed child myself. Thanks Mom!

How was your week?

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