February 1, 2013

A Week of Grams (Not the Crackers)

Gwen sent me a cryptic toddler text so I figured why not send her back a picture? With the beaming glory of the fluorescent lighting behind me, of course.  
(Jake, I can't get this text to align left, so please don't tell me I need to fix it)

This is how I dress professionally, in polka dot tights, complete with a ruffle dress and purple cardigan that doesn't match the dress.

 Last Friday on our way to work we stopped by a little donut shop and got some donuts. Please allow me to tell you how much this made my day. I skipped into work and got even more delighted when I opened the bag to discover they throw in donut holes as if they're sprinkles as an extra little "you love donuts!" 

 We've began shopping at Raley's simply because we are sick and tired of picking through rotten fruit and vegetables at Walmart. It's such a different experience and not all that much more expensive, to tell the truth. Granted we get Raley's off-brand instead of name brand products, but sometimes it's actually better and most definitely better than Great Value anything. And I'll tell you what, I've never been moved to snap a picture of any produce at Walmart, like I did with these beautiful meyer lemons at Raley's.

Apparently we can now talk to each other via cell phones on the same couch. That's right, real live conversation happening in this picture folks. Gwen loves running around the house talking on her toy cell phones and has even had a few conversations with her Grandma, so it was only natural for this to happen. She always has this look of anger/concentration every time. Does that mean that's how I look when I'm on the phone? I certainly hope not, seeing as 75% of my job is talking on the phone all day, in front of people.

These two melt my heart. This is how they cook dinner together, cute as can be with their snacks and assorted methods of hydration.

I have to take an hour lunch break at work and can I just say an hour is a really long time for a lunch? I go on walks, but as I was walking around in 30 degree weather coughing, I figured it's probably best I stay indoors. Then it got all sunny and beautiful so I just had to get outside. Weather like this always takes me back to college, cruising around in my Ford Ranger with the windows down and Modest Mouse blasting with a caramel frappucino. 

Here's a rare glimpse of Sophie being sweet and actually letting Gwen touch her. This dog will go through great lengths to not let that baby torture her like she does Homer. But not this morning, this morning Sophie cozied up right next to Gwen and let her "pet" her head to her heart's content. I think it has something to do with Gwen's feeding her lately. Sophie is our scavenger, always on the hunt for food Gwen might drop.

This cutie and I got to spend this morning together because I've had a cough for two weeks and found it necessary to see a doctor. Naturally, it's just a viral thing that lasts 6-8 weeks!!!!!!!! I thought being sick for a total of 3 weeks means I must have something terrible, like poor Gwen who got to visit the doctor earlier this week only to realize that after 10 days of amoxicillin her evil little cold came back to attack her poor ears again. So now she's on 4 days of penicillin, after Jake got the privilege of taking her to see her hot doctor. He said he looked disheveled and a mess, but I think that sounds even more attractive, really.  But no, mine's just a viral cold that's going to leave me with an annoying cough for awhile.

And finally, here's my daughter, writing like a pro. She's been holding pens and pencils like this for months, which I always thought was advanced. Is it? If it's not, don't tell me. I like thinking my child's a genius.

And now, it's the weekend. Oh weekend, what will you bring us? I've vowed to leave the house, as it is driving me insane. You know, the race that goes on to get everything completed before Monday. The laundry, the dishes, the floors, the sheets, wash the cars, wash the dogs, iron your shirts, etc? Ick, I need a break from all that. 

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