February 18, 2013


All morning long I’ve thought of multiple Facebook status updates. Normally I just bebop on to Facebook and spit out whatever comes to mind without much thought, because lets be honest, Facebook really is thoughtless and quick which is probably why we all like it so much.

So as I stopped myself twice from drowning you in annoying Facebook things I thought “Hey! That’s what a blog is for!” Except I don’t have any pictures because I used my real camera  all weekend and that requires uploading and editing and you know, not just using an app on your phone.Note, this is me trying to sound all fancy when in reality I have a point and shoot camera and the "auto fix" functions on Photoshop that I rarely have time to use. 

So consider this a hybrid of Facebook status and blog entry. Which is really just a blog post full of random things when it boils down to it. 

This morning Gwen pushed me out the door with an unprompted “bye bye mommy” complete with a kiss. She promptly turned to her grandmother and sat in her lap happy as a clam as if to say, whew,finally got rid of her, now give me chocolate milk. This happened on Saturday not once but twice, and one time I wasn’t even leaving. It made for me to feel insanely less guilty about leaving her and I wish she would do this when we drop her off at daycare every morning. Or really, I wish my mom would live up here and watch my children while I’m at work. Eh? Eh?

I’ve been wanting to do an “Ask me anything” blog post like I’ve seen on other blogs where you submit questions and I answer them in a blogpost. When I mentioned it to Jake he told me it sounded insanely narcissistic so I naturally got scared and didn’t do it. Months later I realized that not once while reading other blogger’s question & answer posts did I ever think “narcissist!.”In fact, they are some of my favorite posts because they answer questions, as a reader I’ve wanted to hear, like a reader-directed blog post.

So, I’m going to do it. If you have a question you want answered , I’ll have a Facebook comment thread where you can add to it and I’ll do my best to answer them. Please know that I’m not looking to answer questions about Reno/Sparks community things. I’m thinking more personal things. I don’t know where the best gym is in town or what the best park is but I do know how I met my husband and where I work, etc.

I’m at work today while my mother, who flew in from Las Vegas for the weekend, is home with my husband and daughter. We planned her trip based off cheap airfares and the idea that it was a 3-day weekend. Then I realized on Friday that the Legislature decided to hold meetings on President’s Day and I needed to get my happy bum to the office.Good thing my husband and mom get along well, I can just imagine the crazy going on in my house right now. 

This weekend I bought red lipstick after coming across this blog post.Well, to be fair I wound up buying some Burt's Bee's lip shimmers because the girl at Ulta recommended some $24 junk that after trying it on made my mom and I laugh numerous times and refer to me as as the joker because apparently I don't know how to put lipstick on? All news to me. The $5 tube of Burt's Bees seems to be doing well today, aside from me being all self-conscious and scared to reapply it. I'm learning and my mother has no advice to offer as she has never worn lipstick a day in her life, but she was fun to take along for the trying on experience.

And also I'm wearing maternity tights, that go clear up to my boobs and are true to their fashion, tight. While they're better than the XL tights I've been wasting my money on I can't say they're comfortable. But you guys, my maternity dresses don't require ironing, where my maternity pants and dress shirts do. So I wear uncomfortable tights and get really angry about it. Maybe I'll iron tonight. 

And that’s it friends. Aren’t you glad I didn’t put this all on Facebook? You would so hate me and unlike me right away, which I wouldn't blame you in the least bit for. 

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