February 6, 2013

Chickens & Eggs

My in-laws recently inherited a flock (brood?) of chickens from some friends. While Gwen was down visiting she got to go check them out. I was proud to see her natural reaction of uncertainty around them. One should always be wary of chickens, I say.
So all these chickens lay a lot of eggs, which leaves us on the receiving side of a dozen of fresh eggs, as in laid the night before. 

Cue our hysterics in regards to fresh eggs. It took some getting used to the idea that you're eating an egg that came from a chicken the day before. Isn't that just the most ass backwards thing you've ever heard? Being creeped out by fresh food? Trust me, we are in complete agreeance of how ridiculous this is, and quite frankly embarrassed that this is the way we live now, in complete detachment from the way our food is made. But let's be honest, Costco's 24 eggs for $3.99 is a screaming deal compared to .25 an egg from a woman who you'd have to hunt down to actually get the eggs from. 

Let me tell you this. The fresh eggs are a completely different experience. They're all different shapes and colors, the yolk is huge and the egg whites melt in your mouth. There's something to be said about stuff that comes from your parent's backyard. 

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