February 4, 2013

Gwyneth, The Faker

When at home with us, Gwyneth is a picky eater. As in refuses to eat ANYTHING remotely healthy we give her. She hardly sits down to eat dinner and will inevitably have a bowl of cereal at 7 pm every night. This doesn't sit well with us and while we'd like to do something about it, like starve her and demand she eat what we give her, we just can't. Come on, she's two. And cute.

So we try and get healthy things in on occassion, when we can and consider tricking her into eating a turkey burger because she thought it was a cookie and going along with it, a success.

Meanwhile, her daycare sends us pictures of Gwyneth eating healthy foods. One day, she even sent us a picture of her eating the exact same thing she refused to eat the night before. No joke. It kills us to see. Our only theory is that it must be mob mentality. You know, all the other kids are doing it. That and it's always been this way. Gwen has never had an issue at daycare, especially when it comes to food. She sits down for an entire meal time and eats entire meals.

Below, is a montage of the insulting photos of our daughter eating properly for someone else. Sigh.


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Anonymous said...

Stop giving her cereal. If she's hungry at dinner, she'll eat. If she's not, she won't. She's training you.