April 8, 2013

A Leaky Water Heater

“Gwen, no, put the chair back, you’re not doing the dishes” was what we said to her as she pushed a dining room chair to the counter to prepare for her favorite messy task. The small rugs we have get in the way of the toddler pushing a chair twice her size across the floor so Gwyneth likes to pull the rugs up and move them out of her way, in a flippant toddler fashion.

Which is how we noticed our warped floors that spanned halfway through our kitchen. Which is how we discovered our hot water heater had been leaking. Which is how we have come to our current state of being: no hot water since Saturday (even though we shelled out prime cash to a plumber to install a new one on Sunday);  Frantically doing laundry and cooking what we can before our kitchen and laundry room are completely ripped up for two weeks;  And figuring out how in the sam hell we’re going to spend the next two weeks with just a microwave, fridge and no sink.

Let’s just say we’re grateful for the people who know how to handle this type of situation because we are clueless. My Dad was able to help Jake figure out at 9 pm on a Saturday what it is your supposed to do when your water heater is leaking while the plumber came out and replaced the water heater and the restoration guy explained to us the hard truth, the damage isn’t pretty or easy to fix.

And here we were, living in our house that we noticed had a funky smell, but thought it was due to a rain storm a week ago. We can laugh at this absurdity now, because we all know a Northern Nevada rainstorm barely warrants a drizzle, let alone a musty smell in your home.

How was your weekend?

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