April 9, 2013


You know, this weekend wasn't all bad.
Gwyneth re-discovered her leap frog phone and fell in love with it. I think she actually understands what it's saying to her. So she laid on the floor like a little 2 foot teenager, texting her friends. Except in 11 years will texts be a thing anymore? I hope not.
I'm so bummed this picture didn't come out, her hair was too cute in pigtails with bows, which apparently Gwen threw out at daycare when she was instructed to take them to the kitchen. They were never seen again. Bummer.
We needed to kill time while the restoration guy did his thing at our house and the best I could come up with was the race car cart at Home Depot, seeing as last time we were there she didn't get one and on our way out she got to sit in it for a brief moment. She cried when we had to go home and I have to admit, I could commiserate with the injustice of the situation.

Needless to say she was happy when we pulled into the parking lot and she saw on in the cart stall and was pretty content  for 15 minutes while I browsed.

Sometimes Gwen's drawings come out funny. Like her boobs she drew. Which is ironic because of how much the kid hated boobs.
And somehow she wound up in the empty bathtub and boy was it a treat. It was loud, she wasn't as supervised as she is when she has a bath and she loved it. For a few minutes at least. And it didn't even require home made paint like or glow sticks like you see all over Pinterest. Literally, picked her up put her in the tub and it provided entertainment. Toddlers are neat like that.
We survived our second night of the water heater debacle which included hot water, some very loud banging and a woman who doesn't do well with loud noises, come to find out. This isn't surprising as I have some serious issues with quiet, small noises so you should expect loud ones would magnify by lack of patience and sanity. 

Regardless, the water damaged parts have been removed. Now we let it dry with the help of huge fans and de-humidifiers which if these are in your house, don't wear contacts, FYI. Those things were stuck to my eyeballs, like STUCK. 

We'd like to say thank you to all of our family and friends who have offered to help. It means the world to us that we know we can call on you when needed.

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