April 10, 2013

Night 3: Get the Hell Out

Here's the plan: with seven industrial fans in our house and two industrial dehumidifiers we figured we could pimp ourselves out to friend’s homes from 6- 8 pm and come home to sleep at night. Sounds like the most practical solution, right? WRONG. This was the plan until we walked through our doors last night to be smacked with a hot, smelly house that was chock full of fan exhaust as a tarp taped across a doorway does not keep these things from your living space.

It was decided: our plan was pure crap and we could not see it through to Friday, when the fans are to be taken out. We packed our happy butts down to a hotel, where Gwen thought she was on a grand adventure and happily snuggled her monkey in her playpen as her night light lit up the hotel room.  

This morning we dined on our continental breakfast among business professionals who gave Gwen the evil eye as she ran about in between her bites of breakfast, soaking in all the excitement of not eating cereal at our breakfast table for the first time in six months. And let's not kid anyone, I live for a continental breakfast. Cereal choices? English muffins, bagels AND an egg sandwich? Score! 

Tonight we will be hanging out at a friend’s house before retreating back to our hotel, where the adventure will continue and those fans can dry all they want, as long as we are 10 miles away from them.

And as for BJ’s Brewery as I eluded on Facebook? Let’s just say we received the worse service in the entire planet. To top off the crap service, we received our overpriced food that was cold enough to feed directly to a child.  Don’t worry, I complained about it to the manager who happened to walk by to fawn at Gwen at just the right time for me to unleash my unhappiness. The solution? We’ll just run it through the warmer again! Oh and those empty drinks? Wait 10 more minutes because your server just got reprimanded and hates you.

And to think, we paid to be treated this way. And it seems that a lot of you have shared similar experiences. Boycott BJ’s Brewery! They’re not worth it! We can find a pizookie alternative elsewhere, right? I mean, it’s just ice cream on a cookie, not bananas foster or flambee for pete’s sake.

And with a quick search on trusty Pinterest, there is an entire section that could be dedicated to pizookies at home: http://pinterest.com/search/pins/?q=pizookie. Forget BJ's Brewery, everyone, it doesn't exist. 

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