June 24, 2013

This Week: The Optimistic Start

I wrote this post earlier this week and forgot to post it. It's now Saturday and a lot happened (not good) since my optimistic writing of this on Wednesday. Lets just say we're back home but not after a whole lot of stress and a kitchen that is STILL not finished. 
Well, as luck would have it the plan for the construction of our kitchen to be done last week, as I wrapped up my time at work and we were all happily out of the house on a daily basis, got pushed out another Earth shattering week. Lets say there was added drama and stress and our entire world felt like it was spinning out of control. Not to be dramatic or anything. 

Friday the 21st was my last day at work. It was the nicest leaving of work I've ever experienced, with kind words spoken, heartfelt wishes and I felt melancholy as I walked out of the empty Legislature for the last time. But then as I sat in traffic on Carson Street I felt like the ending of Grease, where everyone comes running out of the high school to go to the carnival. We did it, we painstakingly made it through the last year of me being back at work. We survived the 3 different daycare situations, the strain of the commute and we're now more comfortable as we wait to welcome baby girl #2 to the family. 

Except.....Gwen and I now have to find somewhere to go while they rebuild our kitchen for the first week I'm home. Due to our past experience of trying to leave throughout the day while they work, I couldn't deal with even thinking about the stress that comes with those plans. Staying in hotels for a day with a 2 year old doesn't work well. And there are only so many stores and attractions you can go to before everyone goes batty. 

Lucky for us my girlfriend has a furnished home she happened to not be using. For reals. At first I had asked if we could camp out weeks ago, but with daycare and the commute it made more sense to stay home and torment ourselves while living in the master bedroom of our house. But this time? We packed it up and we're here for the week. And you bet it's the best. 

You know why? Because on my first day back to being home with Gwen I was privileged enough to make her toast, and noodles and things we haven't had in weeks. I got to prepare dinner that was hot when Jake got home. And Gwen has slept better here than she has at our house since April. 

Gwen and I have spent our week together relaxed, enjoying each other, which is a far cry from the stress-filled evenings and mornings of the past few months. 

And what would you know? It's already Wednesday and looks as if Friday is the 
day slated for the kitchen being finished. 

We're in the home stretch! 

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