July 9, 2013

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Let it be noted, Tuesday, July 9th was a wonderful day. 

It began with the moving up of my 38th week checkup, which was a highly anticipated one as last week the doctor announced that if there were any medical reason, baby two would be delivered immediately. On the day Jake had a business trip scheduled. This lead to us freaking out when it became apparent we could be having a baby soon. Not to sound like a broken record, but that kitchen, the one that’s been a sore in our side since April? Still not finished. We just moved back into the house last Saturday after fleeing so they could complete the kitchen. After being home for a week the roof began to get replaced on Monday. While we get to stay in the house as this goes on, it’s not enjoyable and is no place for a newborn.
So here we were, running around trying to get ready for a newborn, calling in all sorts of help from family (thanks guys!) and waiting anxiously (and angrily) for the kitchen job to someday get finished.
But on wonderful, beautifully hot Tuesday, we went to the doctor where it was declared this baby isn’t coming out anytime soon, just like all my appointments past 37 weeks were with Gwen. After that, Gwen and I went to lunch where she acted like a perfect angel making me look like one hell of an awesome mother, followed by an impromptu photo session at an abandoned building and a Gwyneth who napped through the hammering of our roof. 

As Gwyneth napped and I tried to ignore the sounds of the roofers I hit up Craigslist as I have for the past year, in search of the perfect dresser. You know, one that can serve as a changing table, but when guests arrive be swiftly changed into a lovely item of furniture that’s not a hideous playpen that we’ve been using? And there it was. The perfect dresser that didn’t require any priming or painting, that was in our price range and came with an extra dresser.

The dresser came home with us, and afterwards Baskin Robins was calling our name. As we relaxed outside in the beautifully cool evening air with our ice cream cones we watched Gwen perform her original ice cream dance, covered in ice cream, our first enjoyment of summer 2013.

 Life is heading back towards normal. We’re not bringing a baby into a wrecked home. We have a date set for a finished kitchen, that pesky hole in the roof will finally be fixed after four years of people telling us we should get it fixed and I just got a fabulous haircut (thank you readers, for the stellar recommendation. Jessica Abbot of Eye Candy Salon is the woman to see if you’ve got the curly hair).

So thank you, Tuesday, July 9, 2013, you wonderful, beautiful, marvelous day you.

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