July 30, 2013

Life is Good

Life around these parts has been calm and relaxed as we adjust to our new little girl and I heal.

It's been a huge blessing, this relaxed atmosphere, seeing as one week before Norah's arrival we still only had half the use of our kitchen and the Friday before Gwen and I were down at the bank finalizing the last of insurance paperwork. 

But nevertheless, things got done right in time, as Norah conveniently stayed the proper time in utero, even though her mommy was a stressed basket case. 

And here we are, one week in and things couldn't be more perfect. Gwen adores her new little sister and is always eager to help. Norah, unlike her sister, has picked up on breastfeeding and received perfect reports from her pediatrician. And better yet, it seems that when your newborn is eating properly you can heal from surgery in an expedited fashion. That and the amount of care my mom and Jake have made sure I receive. Knowing Gwen and our home are taken care of has given me the peace of mind to be able to focus on this new little girl.

Our hearts are happy, grateful and blessed.

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